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You can hit me with an email here (PGP key). This is the best and most stable way to reach me.


LinusCDE on Freenode and Hackint

I should get those similar to instant messaging. Should my relay or app be down however, hit me with an E-Mail if I take too long to respond.


Linus: F378A8B111D906B9…EE617E5AB32AE3DB

Should work too, but not guaranteed.


I also have other means (Matrix, Telegram and other common media). Please send me your details using one of the above methods and we can continue communicating.

Depending on the kind of communication requested I may reject because of a privacy hazard. If you want to use e.g. WhatsApp, Skype, Discord (for non gaming/casual) give me a good reason as to why I should use (any maybe keep up) your chosen privacy hazard.

Here are also some profiles you can find me under:


Facebook, Snapchat (wtf). I won’t use those, so don’t bother.


I do OpenSource Software as a hobby. Most projects are small to medium in size. They usually have the goal to do something I need or learn something new through it.

I’m not relying on donations at all. I just like it when my software can help or entertain people.

If you really want to donate, though you can use one of these links:

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