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So is has finally happened. I started a blog!

One too many times, I had the notion of: “You know, I solved this one problem. Wouldn’t it be nice to share the solution with others?”

The next tought usually was: “Well, being a developer is nice and all. So I would probably be expected to code my own site and not just use some prebuilt stuff.”

And with that, the chance of anything getting actually written died.

First actual attempt

… was in fact not this one.

At some point, I then actually wanted to make a blog for real. I had made myself familiar with Vue and NodeJS and wanted to do a project with that. The rest’ish backend would be done with Flask and MongoDB. (Subconciously I probably wanted to do something with that new rockect science front-end stuff and node that was flooding my YouTube recommendations.)

It also helped that I had summer holiday and was bored as hell (was still in school). So I got to work.

Me flexing my flexbox-skills because I hadn’t realized that Bootstrap already had modals (I didn’t find any “dialog”, “message box” or “overlay” on their page). Still a nice lesson.

The page code got pretty blown up though and I also started to consider that I had to provide an “Impressum” even though the page was not intended to have any connection to my real name.

An “Impressum” is basically legal information where your full name and a snail mail address has to be specified. A friend said (dunno if he was right or not) that this legal notice had to be readily available even without Javascript.
It didn’t help that the page was just blank without JS and I was not happy about such “archaic ideas” of “the page has to work without js in a legal sense”. I didn’t even bother to look it up as the page was a mess anyway.

So, this annoyance and the fact of the messy front-end code, led to the page dying silently.

The project started out with the eager commit message Rest and Web-UI working. Login/Logout works on Jul 20 2017, ceased active development with User-ProfileFields with NetBtn on Aug 13 the same year and finally died with Some changes. almost a year after start.

โœŸ R.I.P. first attempt โœŸ

commit 53623cfe226bb4176f634f4a0d267a421ba0cc58 (HEAD -> master, origin/master)
Author: Linus <someuglymail@gmail.com>
Date:   Wed Jul 11 07:27:34 2018 +0200

    Some changes.


Long live this blog!

Several month ago, I noticed more of those new-fangled static/suckless sites with their site generators. A month ago then, I set myself the goal of starting to use Hugo.

I still don’t believe it right now, but this site does now exist. It just took a long, motivated evening as usual to get going. It still feels a bit like cheating as a developer, but did you notice that this page was served from a Raspberry Pi?

Well, long live this blog. At least, now I have a place to dump solutions to, when I notice that there isn’t a nice tutorial already.


The blog is mainly meant as a means to contribute solutions for problems to the internet.

I will probably refrain from doing to much opionated content or just story telling like this. But who knows. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I also plan to make this blog dual-language (german being the other one), but the english part of this site will probably be better maintained. Even though I want the tutorials to be professional so people won’t get distracted, I probably wont refrain to add some off-topic tidbits here and there.

- L?K ยน

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